e stands for erotic

a basic theme of art in all centuries. I also take erotic pictures because eroticism, sexuality, sexual attraction and love are some of the basic themes in my life. My art deals with my life. For this reason, I do pictures of the sexual, erotic and loving part of this life as well, including and presenting the sm and bondage part of my/our sexuality. Not to everyone's pleasure, as I learned!

Compared to history, our society today seems to have a very narrow-minded and restrictive point of view concerning eroticism, especially concerning pictures dealing with erotic content. It is a bad sign that society seems to lose all the sexual freedom that a lot of people had to fight for. Beware of increasing bigotry! This is significant in the form of the cry for the deletion of objectionable pictures exhibited on the world wide web.

Nobody is forced to look at pictures he doesn't like, especially mine. But the fact that some people consider my pictures as "sick" and not compatible to our society makes me sure of their importance. They are works of art dealing with true feelings and never comparable with pornography.

Instead of this, some of the content is presented in a password protected section. I want to keep
this site online. You can request a password on the contact page of this site.

p.s.: someone who expects pictures for his collection of porn will not be satisfied, for sure !

erotic galleries spacespaces public - update 2009-06-11

- rapid leg movement

- the kitchen slut

- rapid leg movement / the autumn pictures

- erotic moments like they feel

- the eternal leg fetish

- various erotic approaches - selection I

bondage/sm galleriesspacespublic - update 2011-05-12

- shackled

- the smiling Buddha situation

bondage/sm galleriesspacesprotected - update 2011-05-12

- these sites are not available at the moment

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