c stands for city

and each city has something special for me which has nothing to do with famous or recognisable buildings or monuments. It is the way this city is effecting me that I want to show in my pictures. This "way of effecting me" is constantly changing depending upon my mood that day, the weather or the people that I meet.

This is the reason why my pictures appear distinctively different (ok, this is true for every picture I do), coloured or black and white, crystal clear or somehow diffused. Hope you enjoy my point of view... and always be aware of the fact that no picture lasts for eternity.

Every picture is, like our life, a fart in universe. Hopefully, a happy fart *smiles*

ok folks, go for the galleries - update 2009-04-21

- the weird city cuts of w.m.
- unforgettable impressions of a town I

- Vienna I

- mythical city experience

- found - gefunden / vom Bilder finden - how to find pictures

- mythical city experience II

- Vienna II

- Brunswick - lively scenes I


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